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A brochure on the activities of evangelist

The name Shuler has, for the last fifty years, been a most honored and respected name in the circles of fundamental evangelism. Dr. R.P. (Fighting Bob) Shuler built the largest church of his denomination in Los Angeles during the 20’s and 30’s, while leading a fight against corruption in high office, the result of which saw many of these evil men ousted from office, and honest men replaced them.  During this time Dr. Shuler was jailed for free speech, thus attaining the name “Fighting Bob.”

 Bob Shuler had three preacher boys.  Bob Jr. became a pastor.  Jack became one of the best known city wide evangelists in the 40’s and 50’s.  Those who followed his ministry claim that he saw over a million souls saved during his lifetime.  Jack died at the age of 45, with a lung disease.

 Phil, the youngest son of Bob Shuler, was born in 1924, saved under his father’s ministry at the age of 14, and the next year was called to preach under the ministry of his brother Jack.  His education was interrupted by World War II, as Phil enlisted in the Navy, to spend three and one half years in the Pacific theatre of war, participating in nine invasions as a member of the landing party.  Upon his return from the war, he entered Bob Jones College in Cleveland, Tennessee.  There his romance with his childhood sweetheart, Marie Lemmon, was renewed and in 1948 they were married.  They have two daughters, Debbie and Julie, both of whom married young ministers.

 Phil began preaching revivals in 1948 with a school chum, the late Glen Schunk.  Phil and Glen sold Watkins Products in Ware Shoales, S.C. and while selling, met several colored preachers, who invited them to hold revivals in their churches.  The first of many was in the Briar Patch Baptist Church in Ware Shoales, and this was followed by others, some six each year.

 Upon graduation in 1950, Phil and his wife entered evangelism as members of the Jack Shuler Evangelistic party.  Phil became his brother’s advance man and Field Director, and Marie became the Organist/Pianist of the team.  They stayed with the Jack Shuler team for almost two years, at which time Phil entered into city-wide and single church evangelism with his own team.

 In 1952 Phil felt the need of spending more time in the smaller churches of America, so 12 revivals each year, from this time until today, have been laid aside for churches of 50 memberships or less.  This has been a most rewarding ministry, for over the years many, many small churches have today become quite large in membership and outreach, and many claim it was the head start under Evangelist Phil Shuler that gave them the push!
 When Phil began evangelism he was a Methodist, but in 1957, he joined the Baptist ranks.  September of 1983 saw Phil entering into his 37th year in this field, which has seen over 90,000 souls saved, 13,500 young people called into full time service, and countless Christians strengthened and rededicated for service.

 The author of over 450 gospel songs, Phil sings his compositions nightly in his meetings, and his wife, Marie, play the organ and piano simultaneously.  Mrs. Shuler really carries the talent here, she graduated from the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music at the age of 18 was pianist to Dr. Bob Shuler’s church (membership 6400) at age 12, entered Bob Jones College in 1948, majoring in piano, and graduating with honors.  While there, she was Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.’s private radio accompanist.

 When asked about the ministry of Dr. Phil Shuler, a preacher once said, “His reputation is his recommendation!”
 The reputation of Phil Shuler over these many years is spotless, faithful to the Word, courageous.  If you are considering a revival for your church, his reputation strongly recommends him.  If, how ever, further confirmation is desired, please write any of the following pastors with whom Phil has ministered in the past.

 Dr. Charles Keen
 First Baptist Church
 745 Center St.
 Milford, OH 45150

 Dr. Ed Nelson                                           
 P.O. Box 19340
 Denver, CO 80219
 Dr. Charles Britt
 Mclver Road Baptist Church
 P.O. Box 877
 Oakwood, GA 30566

 Dr. Don Smith
 Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church
 P.O. Box 925
 Martinsburg, WV 25401

 Dr. Roger Voegtlin
 Fairhaven Baptist Church
 E. Oakhill Road and Hwy 49
 Chesterton, IN 46304
 Dr. Rodney Bell
 Tabernacle Baptist Church
 717 N. Whitehurst Landing Rd.
 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

 Dr. Norman Marks
 Mt. View Bible Church
 34 Sipe Ave.
 Hummelstown, PA 17036
 Dr. James Dennis
 Newark Baptist Temple
 81 Licking View Dr.
 Heath, OH 43055

 Dr. Bob Jones III, Pres.
 Bob Jones University
 Greenville, SC 29614

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